Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Announcing: Wireless Hotspot

Bring those laptops down to the Library - we now have wireless access. Sit at a table, on one of our comfy couches, or even on the new bench in our front yard! When you open your browser, click on "OWWL." You will then be prompted for your library card number and your pin - if you've forgotten your pin, or didn't realize that you have one, come see us at the desk.

Things to remember (from the OWWL Wireless Welcome page):

This is a publicly accessible wireless network. Data that you send may be viewable by other people on the network.

When transmitting sensitive information such as credit card numbers, make sure you are using SSL or another form of end-to-end connection encryption. If you're not sure how to do this, then we would recommend not using the connection for things like online shopping or banking.

Although you are using your own computer, you must still abide by this library's acceptable use policy.

We hope that you enjoy this new service - feedback is always welcomed.

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