Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Summer Reading Registration Began Today

Registration for our six-week Summer Reading Program, Books: A Treasure!, started today. Stop by any day this week to join a reading team, have your treasure chest added to the Readers' Wall of Fame, and to be included in all the fun we have planned. Teams are divided into age groups: The Ruby Team is for children from preschool through Kindergarten, the Diamond Team is 1st grade - 3rd grade, the Emerald Team is 4th grade - 6th grade, and the Sapphire Team is 7th grade - 9th grade. Programs are scheduled for each age group, sometimes in combination, for a six-week period starting Sunday, July 9th, the day when we all officially start reading. Team members will enter weekly prize drawings by filling out prize tickets: one for each library visit, one for each program attended, and two for turning in a Time Tracker (tracking minutes read each week). There are also Reading, Family, and Vacation Bingo games to play, making prizes available both by winning a drawing or by earning one "the old-fashioned way." Don't feel left out if you're beyond 9th grade; 10th graders up through any age adult are invited to join our 4R's program - Read a book, fill out a Reader's Recommendation form, and fill out a Raffle ticket for your own weekly prize drawing. Make sure to stop by the Library soon - you don't want to miss the Treasure!

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