Friday, September 01, 2006

Magic Kit Drawing

Congratulations to all of our readers from preschool through 9th grade for reading a total of 32,265 minutes during our six weeks of Summer reading. That is totally amazing! The totals by team were:

Diamond Team (1st - 3rd grade) - 10,490 minutes
Sapphire Team (7th - 9th grade) - 8,591 minutes
Ruby Team (Preschool-Kindergarten) - 6,830 minutes
Emerald Team (4th - 6th grade) - 6,354 minutes

The Diamond Team definitely blew the other age groups away, so today we put all of their Time Trackers into a drawing for the magic kit. Donated by David Moreland at our Books: A Treasure! kick-off program in July, the "Classic Mysteries of the Master Magicians" kit includes everything needed to perform over 75 illusions. And the winner is - insert drumroll here :) - Jair V. Congratulations, Jair! We hope that you enjoyed the programs you attended and the books you read, and hope that you come in to show us some of your magic tricks.

We want everyone to remember that books are full of treasures, so even though you're done keeping track of minutes read (at least until next Summer!), visit us often, check out some great books, and keep reading!

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