Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A Successful Vote

Thank you to all of our supporters! The unofficial results of today's vote are:

Proposition 1 to recharter the library, 149 yes, 26 no
Proposition 2 to approve the budget, 147 yes, 28 no
Trustees elected: Thomas Garlipp, Jane Hyland, Tracey Fox, Martha Miller, Manfred Lichti, John Cook, Sue Mulberry, Janet Englert, and Carol Sergeant

There is now quite a lengthy procedure, and lots of paperwork to work through, to complete the rechartering. When done, New York State will issue a new charter to the Sodus Community Library, and you will see many of the changes and improvements you've requested.

The Board, staff, and I greatly appreciate your positive votes.

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Antje Dirksen-Post said...

Dear Sodus Library Patrons, Staff and Board Members:

I am so proud to be part of this community, one which values its library and knows a good thing when it is presented with it.
Happy days! Congratulations to the newly elected board members. Thank you for serving. Now get to work!
With best regards,
Antje Dirksen-Post
Sodus Center