Monday, March 01, 2010

Library Snapshot Day

Thanks to all who let me take pictures during our recent Library Snapshot Day. We had 194 people through the door on that day, and checked out 345 items. Fifty people used our public computers and our Online Public Access Catalog, and seven accessed our Wi-Fi with their laptops. Thanks, too, to everyone who signed our "Libraries Are Essential" petition; your points will be given to our legislators on Library Lobby Day tomorrow. Your signatures were appreciated, and your comments were gratifying. Here are a few of the ways you used our library on February 16th.


Wollhexe said...

Oh, no, I missed it. Those are some great pictures!

Carol G. said...

We did have fun! The object was to let our State legislators know what goes on daily in our libraries. We want them to be aware of how vital we are to our communities.