Sunday, February 23, 2014

Restore Library Aid Funding in the FY14-15 Budget!

State library aid is now at 1997 levels, and $20M less than state Education Law mandates. Libraries are a core piece of our state’s educational system, yet in a year where education funding increased 3.8%, library funding suffered a 4.7% reduction. Merely restoring the $4M cut by Governor Cuomo still leaves library funding drastically short of the $102M mandated in education law, and reverses years of progress towards full funding. Despite the talents and dedication of librarians across the state, it is becoming increasingly difficult to provide 21st century libraries with 20th century funding.
We hope you agree that New York's libraries are essential for success and will contact your elected representatives and tell them you support funding for libraries.  Just click on the above graphic and then on the "Take Action" button.  Thank you!

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