Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Additional Information for Closing

Hi Everyone!
Here are some additional details for you for our closing beginning Wednesday, March 18:
·        Due dates are being adjusted in our computer system so there won’t be any fines during our closing. 
·        If you are finished with items, you can return to them to the book drop at any time.  Returning items as you finish will help keep our staff from being overwhelmed with items when we reopen.  Our staff will be checking the drop daily and sanitizing items as they come in.
·        Please do not leave book donations at this time
·        Our wifi is still up and running 24/7 and can be accessed outside if you want to pull up in your vehicle
·        Staff will NOT be able to get items for you during our closing
·        You can still check items out through our online options: Download the Libby app for books, audiobooks and magazines OR you can use Hoopla for instant downloads of movies, music, books and audiobooks (We’ve increased the limits for Hoopla to 10 for the time being)
·        Our staff will be available Monday- Friday from 10:00-12:00 to answer phone calls if you need assistance with card/pin issues or navigating Libby and Hoopla.  Please leave a message if no one is available.  You can also e-mail soduslibrarydirector@owwl.org
·        We do not have a date for reopening yet, but we will provide updates as soon as we know.  Thank you for your continued understanding and patience during this rapidly changing time.

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