Sunday, November 20, 2005

Successful Book Sale

The Board, staff, and Friends of the Sodus Free Library thank everyone who had a part in making this year's Used Book Sale an outstanding success. We're especially grateful to Kass Vande and Shirley Patchett for the many hours they spent before, during and after the sale, organizing not only all of the "product," but also the workers. We continue to be amazed at what Shirley can do with a few pieces of cardboard and some duct tape!

Thanks, too, to all those who donated books and AV materials; the Butler Correctional Facility crew who carried all the books up from the basement; all those who helped set up, sell and take down: Mark Vande, Dan Patchett, Bonnie Bolling, Pauline Dodge, SallyAnn Danforth, Audrey Ferris, Bob and Dottie Hicks, Gib and Carol Sergeant, Chris Maroney, Lucinda Dodge, Jo-Ann Hill, Lukas Hampton, Scott Ginett, Laura Jonasse, Julie Schuldt, Jean Seymour, Jovan Parker, Jade Patchett, Kerri Gee, Hannah and Jane Jonasse, and Nathanael Derenbacher; our many customers; Market Place for donating the bags for our $1/bag days; local merchants and newspapers for helping us advertise; the Salvation Army for accepting our leftovers, and John Cook, Bette Bugni, Scott Ginett, and Kenny Savory for delivering those leftovers to the Newark store.

This year's record-breaking sale brought in $1,300.75, which will be used by the Friends group to purchase needed items not covered by the library's budget. We definitely have blessings to count - thanks to all of you!

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